team building

Would you like to experience an event with your work colleagues that makes your team bond? Do you want to try something new with a creative approach? Preferably an event with a lot of music and fun memories?

Then you are absolutely right with our team building workshop. We provide you with an event where your team is faced with the challenge of rehearsing as a band – and maybe even composing a song. Precognition is not absolutely necessary.

Do you have a specific request and would you like to keep your effort of organizing the event to a minimum? We make sure that the team building workshop fits your personal needs. If desired we also arrange food and drinks during and after the workshop.

  • Do we need musical precognition?
  • No. Ideally some of your group can already play an instrument. But it is not absolutely necessary. We will adapt the difficulty of the music to your level of playing.
  • What is the content of this workshop exactly?
  • The general idea is that you choose, arrange, rehearse and perform a song together with your team. But we could also develop a jam with a lot of musical freedom. Or you could even compose your own song.

    You are completely free in how you put your band together. It could be a small group (e.g. with only vocals and a guitar) or also a larger band (with drums, bass, guitars, horns, keys...).

  • How much time does the team building workshop take?
  • The workshop usually lasts three hours. It includes a quick introduction, formation of the bands, a first rehearsal, a break with snacks and drinks, another rehearsal and a performance at the end. If you wish so we can shorten or extend the workshop.
  • When can the team building workshop take place?
  • You can contact us directly with a preferred date. Generally morning hours during the week and Saturday afternoons are well suited since you have the complete location to yourself and you can use all rooms without any restrictions. Other days and hours are also possible but we would have to clarify which rooms are available.
  • How about food and drinks?
  • You can decide between different offers: just snacks, catering to our location from one of our partner restaurants or an „apéro“ or dinner in a restaurant that is in walking distance from our location. For your convenience you can order the catering through us and we can send you the menus from our partner restaurants.
  • Where does the team building workshop take place?
  • The workshop takes place in our location at Helsinki-Strasse 7 in Münchenstein. Our facilities radiate a modern and inspiring atmosphere. To plan your route to us, click here.

  • How much does it cost?
  • We'd be happy to send you a non-binding offer. The costs depend on the amount of participants, the length of the workshop, the amount of songs we prepare and the chosen food and drinks. For small groups we offer the workshop starting from CHF 1000.-.




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