Electric Guitar Lessons

The electric guitar is probably the most popular instrument in the world today. From the softest to the hardest of sounds, you can create everything with it. No wonder it's found its place in practically every style of music. Especially Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz and Blues is hard to imagine without it.

Are you a beginner or already advanced? Would you finally like to be able to play something on your electric guitar that's just standing around in your room? Or do you just need a new input to amplify your musical skills?

You decide what your guitar lessons look like. Your guitar teacher completely caters to your personal musical wishes. Do you want to play the Blues? Or do you prefer somewhat harder sounds? School Of Rock offers lessons in the styles Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Jazz and Acoustic. You'll be guided to your goals with our modern lesson concept.

 Do you successfully want to learn to play the electric guitar, then apply for a trial lesson here!

What kind of lessons suit me best?

  • What do I learn from my lessons?
  • You decide what direction you would like to go - what kind of music you are interested in and what you would like to play. Your teacher makes sure that you will reach your goals by taking it step by step. Lessons should be fun! Thanks to our modern teaching concept you will be playing a lot during lessons and you will be making fast progress. We are using computer apps that support your learning process.

  • How long should one lesson last?
  • We generally recommend 60 minute long lessons to most of our students. Depending on their age and level 30 minutes are usually ideal for kids. 45 minutes lessons are popular among all ages. For those who would like more freedom in the structure of their lessons would be in good hands with 75 minutes.
  • How often would you like to have lessons?
  • Weekly lessons

    Would you like to make fast progress and get new inputs from your teacher on a regular basis? Then we recommend the membership where you can choose a fixed weekly appointment. The day and time of your lesson will be reserved for you during the whole membership period.

    Biweekly lessons

    You would like to have a regular appointment but you need more time in-between lessons to practice? Then you can choose the membership with a fixed appointment on a biweekly basis. The day and time of your lesson will be reserved for you during the whole membership period.

    Flexible lesson date

    Do you need maximum flexibility? With the 10 lesson package you can set up your lessons whenever you like. You choose the duration of how long your package is valid.

  • What other options do I have?
  • Membership options for adults: „fix" and „flex“

    The option „fix“ offers the most favourable pricing for students that can almost always make their lessons and very rarely need to cancel. The option „flex“ offers students that need more flexibility the possiblity to cancel or to postpone lessons.

    Membership options for minors: „fixHoliday" and „flexHoliday“

    The option „fixHoliday“ is the convenient solution for students that generally prefer not to have lessons during the school holidays. The option „flexHoliday“ offers students that generally also want to have lessons during the school holidays more options to cancel or postpone lessons. Furthermore they profit of attractive pricing.

    Membership duration

    You can choose between a quarter, half a year and a whole year as your membership duration. For the half year membership and the annual membership you profit from a 5% resp. 10% discount. The membership is renewed automatically unless you terminate your contract.

    10 lessons package period of validity

    You can choose if you would like to use your 10 lessons within a quarter, half a year oder a whole year. The shorter the period the lower the price.


    Would you like to take lessons together with a friend? With two people you can motivate each other and share the joy and fun of music. In addition you'll benefit from cheaper Duo-conditions. You have to organize your partner for the Duo Lessons yourself.

  • Which appointment suits me?
  • It's important that you have an appointment that works well for you. You're generally able to choose between lessons from Monday to Friday at midday, in the afternoons or evenings. On Saturdays your lessons can take place in the morning or the afternoon.
  • What if I can't come to class on site? Do you offer online classes?
  • If you can't come to class on site, just contact the secretariat. Your teacher will then set up for online lessons and the lesson will take place online at the regular time.

    You can also attend our classes online in general. Here you can find out more about our online lessons.

  • FAQ
  • At what age can my child take lessons? Am I already too old to take music lessons? You find these and other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page - of course with the corresponding answers ;)

Lesson formats & prices

You can take one-on-one lessons starting from only CHF 49.- per lesson and duo-lessons starting from as little as CHF 29.- per lesson. Do you have a colourkey card? Bring it with you and you benefit from a free trial lesson and a 20% discount on your first 10 lessons. We also offer a sibling discount and a discount for quarterly invoicing.

Open the configurator and answer the questions. Then you will find the lesson format that suits you best and you will know what a lesson will cost.


  • Are you an adult or a minor?

  • Would you like to take lessons on your own or together with a friend?

  • Should your lessons take place on a regular basis or do you want to book your lessons flexibly?

  • How long should the lessons last

  • How often should the lessons take place?

  • Do you prefer not to have any lessons scheduled during school holidays (fixHoliday) or would you rather benefit from more flexibility (flexHoliday)?

  • How many options to postpone and cancel lessons do you need?

  • How long would you like to sign up for?How much time do you need to use your 10 lessons?

Price per lesson and per person

CHF 0.-

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