Band Workshop

Would you like to play in a band and feel the excitement of making music together with others? But you don't want to go through the struggle of starting your own band?

Then our Band Workshop is just perfect for you! Here you play famous pop and rock songs in a band of 4 – 8 musicians. You can prepare yourself in advance to be ready for the rehearsal where you work on the interaction within the band.

For our younger students we have the „Junior Band“ (ages 10 till 16). For all others there is the „SOR All-Star-Band“.

  • What are the requirements?
  • This workshop is for guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboards and vocals. You should be able to play through a simple pop or rock song without any difficulty. So you should be able to play an accompaniment with chords, a riff or a groove while keeping in time.

  • You leads the Band Workshop?
  • Our teachers Philipp, Manuel and Sandro are experienced band coaches and active in several musical projects.
  • When are the rehearsals and for how long?
  • Every 2nd Tuesday from 19.15h20.45h (Junior Band) and other 2nd Tuesday from 19.30h21.00h (SOR All-Star-Band. In addition to the workshops on Tuesday we do now also offer workshops on Wednesdays at 19.30h - 21.00h.

  • Prices
  • The trial workshop is for free and non-binding

    For SOR students with the semester membership CHF 45.- per workshop

    For external students with the semester membership CHF 55.- per Workshop


Trial workshop contact form

Book a trial workshop right here without any commitment. Book your trial workshop in an easy and fast way by filling out the form below or just call us at 061 331 75 75.

A trial workshop lasts 90 minutes and is free of charge.

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