Gwen<br />


Name: Gwen

Age: 29 Jahre

Teaches you in: Klavier & Keyboard

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music at Macromedia Hochschule Freiburg

Plays piano/keyboard since: 23 Jahren

Piano/keyboard teacher since: 8 Jahren

Languages: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

Styles: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Klassik, Filmmusik

Influences: The Beatles, Radiohead, Queen, Tame Impala, Eroll Garner, Bill Evans, Art Tatum


How did you get to the piano?

My grandmother wanted to play the piano as a child, but unfortunately this was not possible at the time. Therefore she wanted to make this possible for her grandchildren. I took this chance at the age of 7, when she gave me and my siblings a piano.

What fascinates you about the piano?

The piano is a time machine: from Chopin to the saloon atmosphere of the 1890s, the 60s with the Beatles to the present with the music of Yann Tiersen.

What is crucial for you when practicing?

The enthusiasm of not only being able to play my favorite songs and pieces, but also to perform them.

What do you pay particular attention to when teaching?

The basis of a good technique and the transmission of passion to the students.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

There are many great experiences as a musician. One great experience I had recently was producing an instrumental track.

On which equipment do you prefer to play?

I have a Grotrian Steinweg piano from 1919. The piano is not perfectly tuned, but the charm and atmosphere of this instrument is unique.

What else is important in your life besides music?

Family, friends, health and sports are important to me.