Nicolò<br />Muzii


Name: Nicolò Muzii

Age: 22 Jahre

Teaches you in: Piano, Keyboard

Education: classical piano bachelor at ZHdK and jazz piano bachelor at Jazzcampus Basel

Plays Piano/Keyboard since: 15 Jahren

Teacher since: 5 Jahren

Languages: German, English, Italian, Bulgarian, French

Styles: Jazz, Klassik, Fusion, HipHop

Influences: Jacob Collier, Charles Ives, Clare Fisher, Kiefer, Anomalie, Tennyson


How did you get to the piano?

I grew up in a musician's home and was supposed to choose an instrument, but I couldn't decide. Since we already had a piano in the flat, the piano was a good choice.

What fascinates you about the piano?

I have always been impressed by the unbelievably diverse possibilities that the piano gives you. Melodies, chords, bass lines and any combination of these can all be played on the piano.

What is crucial for you when practicing?

It has helped me a lot to always keep my childlike curiosity when practising and playing, even if I don't succeed at something right away

What do you pay particular attention to when teaching?

It is very important to me that my students enjoy what I teach and I try to adapt my lessons to their interests and help them on their musical path.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

I have sung in the Knaben Kantorei Basel for years and have been able to go on adventurous tours to faraway countries such as Canada, where we performed a wide range of choral repertoire.

On which equipment do you prefer to play?

I love playing acoustic instruments, but keyboards offer a whole new world of sounds, so I also like to play and experiment with them.

What else is important in your life besides music?

It's important to me to maintain good friendships and relationships and to develop as a person.