Live playing Workshop


The Live Playing Workshop is for advanced students who want to recreate a live scenario with other musicians. The only condition is that you're able to play simple chords and that you know your way around the pentatonic scale.


  • What will I learn?
  • Playing with other musicians: You always play with another guitarist so that you switch between playing rhythm and lead guitar.
    Music-Chart: How to read one correctly and what is important to know when jamming.
    Accompaniment: You learn how to make your accompaniment groovy so that a good solo can be played over the top of it.
    Solos: You learn how to compose your solo to make sure your audience can't get enough of it.
    Sound: You learn how to get the right sound out of your amp, effect pedals and guitar for each song.
  • What kind of teaching material will I receive?
  • You receive a handout with the sheet music and important information to each song that's played at the workshop. You're also sent the backing track to make sure you're able to jam to the song at home, too.
  • How often would you like to come to the workshop?
  • Quarterly membership: With the Quarterly Membership you attend the Live Playing Workshop every two weeks. This membership lasts for at least one whole quarter and is renewed automatically unless you terminate your contract.

    5 lessons package: You can buy 5 workshop visits which you can use flexibly and irregularly. You can choose whether to visit the workshops over a semester or a whole year.
  • Where will the Live Playing Workshop take place?
  • Our premises on Helsinki-Strasse 7 in Münchenstein offer a modern and inspiring ambiance. Route here.
  • Prices
  • Quarterly membership      

    120 min: CHF 55.-

    5 lessons package semester

    120 min: CHF 65.-

    5 lessons package year  

    120 min: CHF 75.-


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